The Colt Balok Show provides a fresh perspective for viewers and a unique platform in the branding and marketing space.

We showcase the power of human connection through charismatic guests and uplifting content that inspires our viewers to be their best selves.  Some of our past guests include:

We offer a different brand experience.

We recognize that the once gold standard means of advertising are now ineffective.  At the Colt Balok Show, we are redefining "advertising".  The following are examples of how we will help you define and grow your brand while increasing your customer base and loyalty, better than outdated advertising channels.  

Social Media Posts

With over 100,000 followers on Facebook alone, we can post a creative picture that attracts engagement.


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In-Studio Segments

Sponsored By Pizza 9

Sponsored by Albuquerque Plumbing Heating and Cooling

Sponsored by New Mexico Elks Lodge,

Cerebral Palsy awareness. champion

Out-of-Studio Packages

We have designed special opportunities for brands to showcase how they positively impact their community.

Sponsored by PNM

Sponsored by Pizza Nine

Sponsored by Texas Roudhouse and Whole Foods

Commercial Slots

We are on five stations across eight states. We can have your commercials run across one or all of these stations.

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Demographic Highlights:

Facebook: 25-34, males ≥ females

Twitter: 18-24, males ≥ females

Instagram: 18-24, females ≥ males

YouTube: 24-35, males ≥ females


Logos On Website

As part of our branding program, we will work with you to produce content designed to expand your brand recognition and reputation,   Creative content is yours to add to your organization's catalog of marketing assets, thus, enhancing your ROI.  


“PNM has been a partner with the Colt Balok show for nearly a year. Within that time we have experienced a strong team with an outstanding commitment to their vision. Their capacity to embrace collaboration while thinking creatively and being amenable to the client’s needs is exemplary. Our experience with the Colt Balok show has us signing up for another year of sponsorship.”

- Kelly-Renae Huber, SR Communications Rep


As we are scheduling more amazing guests for our upcoming shows, we are seeking new partners for The Colt Balok Show.  Let's discuss how we will promote your brand's success and create a better world together. 

If you are seeking unique branding opportunities on 'The Colt Balok Show', please email