Everyone is made for greatness. On Game Changers we highlight exceptional individuals, inspiring our viewers with their virtue. We strive to promote our collective well-being as a society, and have an uplifting time doing it!  

From performing the biggest acts of charity, to expressing the quietest acts of forgiveness, the scope and wonder of virtue never falls short of invigorating, and that’s what we’re about.  
We’re all familiar with virtues like honesty, kindness, charity, humility, et cetera. Here, we explore more unseen, but no less real virtues like temperance, magnanimity, true compassion, purposefulness, tolerance, and meekness.  

Virtue done for virtue’s sake is one of the most astonishing parts of human experience, and seeing virtue creates virtue. Game Changers is one segment promoting a culture of wanting to improve ourselves at The Colt Balok Show, and our viewers too. 
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