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Full Name 

 - Colt Balok


 - August 23, 1993

 - Tijuana, Mexico



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Benjamin Bitterman


Colt Balok is a rising star that challenges people to become their best selves. By always being motivated by his "why," he takes every second to change the world. With 100,000 fans on Facebook alone and a T.V. Talk Show to back him up, he is interviewing A-list celebrities like George Lopez and David Archuleta. 

Colt was raised in a small town in New Mexico. After graduating High School, he attended college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where he started finding his purpose in life. By trying many different majors, volunteer opportunities, and internships, Colt realized that life is too short. He believes that every single person is made for greatness; they have to work towards it. Once Colt figured this out, he wanted to both spread his message and learn from others. 

The Colt Balok Show was born. Every interview helps us understand a world that seems confusing. He wants to bring the most significant value that every person needs: human connection. 



We showcase the power of human connection through charismatic guests and uplifting content meant to inspire our viewers to be their best selves.  

Recent Press

Colt Balok is "A star in the making"

March 30, 2020

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Colt Balok on Albuquerque Journal

August 9th, 2019

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Just a few of our favorite: 

'The Blind Side' Lead actor, Quinton Aaron

Comedian, George Lopez

Breaking Bad's Walter White Jr. RJ Mitte

NBC’s The Voice Season 15 Winner, Chevel Shepherd,

We want to hear our guest's "WHY," something that they are truly passionate about to give our viewers an intimate side that others do not see. 

For example, RJ Mitte, from the hit series Breaking Bad, was on our show and spoke about how his disability (Cerebral Palsy) has shaped him to view challenges as choices within our control; we decide we “can” or “can’t” succeed. The discussion between Colt and RJ was terrific and captivating!


We are the premier TV talk show based in Albuquerque that curates content relevant beyond New Mexico.

We broadcast to five stations across eight states including:





Colt's Fan base is over 100,000 on Facebook alone.

Demographic Highlights:

Facebook: 25-34, ≥ males

Twitter: 18-24, males ≥ females

Instagram: 18-24, females ≥ males

YouTube: 24-35, males ≥ females 


We are the only TV show in New Mexico that films with a Live in-studio audience.

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